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How It Works - Visa On Arrival


How It Works - Visa On Arrival

How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival Online with Visa for Vietnam webpage.

Immigration Vietnam eVisa online system is allow for all Nationalities in the world to apply Vietnam Visa online for Visa On arrival Vietnam or electronic visa.

4 Steps to get Visa On Arrival Vietnam for more than +199 Nationalities Worldwide.

1.  Fill online form for Vietnam visa application

Select the visa type you want then click apply now button to fill online form. On the visa application form online, Would you please provide us your passport details such as : full name as in passport, date of birth, present nationality (country of the passport) passport number. Don't for get to give us your email address correctly since we will send approval letter for your visa via email. Please give us your alternative email so we can use in case your primary email have problem.

2.  Select your preferred payment method to pay for eVisa Vietnam service fee

After filling online, click next button to go to next step for choosing payment method. Would you please choose payment method available to pay for service fee. You can pay by PayPal or Cards credit/debit or Western Union or Bank Transfer. Please note that we charge you for service fee of arrange approval letter only, our fee excluded stamp fee at the airport of Vietnam or fee at embassy.

3.  Receive Visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration via email, prepare for getting Visa Stamp on arrival.

Within 24 hours normally or maximum 30 hours we will send approval letter to your email. After get approval letter via email, please prepare following things:

- Apply visa Online at : or Download form Apply visa online HERE

-  Check carefully your details in the approval letter to see if any incorrectly. Print out the approval letter for boarding and show to get Vietnam visa stamped on your passport at Vietnam Airports or Vietnam embassy. Please email to to ask for correct if any.

-  Cash in USD, Euro or any strong currency to pay for stamp fee.

-  2 passport size photo for the[ Entry and exit form, NA1.] You can download to fill out, sign and attached photos in advance to save time on arrival.

4.  Print the Visa approval letter with code for showing to get visa Stamp.

You will see “Landing visa office” at the airport when you arrival Vietnam. Go there and get your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport, Or please go to Vietnam embassy location if you request to pick up your specified Vietnam embassy.

Show documents (approval letter, entry and exit  form) and pay for stamp fee to get visa. 

Prepare 1 passport size photo 4x6cm, and cash in USD for stamping fee ( Single 25 USD, Multiple entry: 50 USD,  6 Months multiple business visa is 95 USD, and 1 year multiple entry visa is 135 USD.

To avoid wasting your time for getting line, you should consider using our Fast-Track service and VIP service.


How much does it cost for a Vietnamese Visa on arrival 

Our Service Fees. (Visa Pre-approval letter ) 

Service fee is the fee you pay to us for doing all the paperwork for you to submit your visa application to the Vietnam Immigration Department for processing your visa approval letters, including the following works:

Total visa on arrival Vietnam cost

The total Vietnam visa cost for Visa on Arrival Vietnam (service fee + stamping fee) would be somewhat like:

 1 month single entry: $10 + 25 USD (Stamp fee) = 35 USD. (Single entry with 1 month stay)

​ 1 month multiple entries: $10 + 50 USD (Stamp fee) = 50 USD. (Multiple entries with 1 month stay)

​ 3 month single entry: $30 + 25 USD(Stamp fee) = 55 USD. (Single entry with 3-month-stay)

​ 3 month multiple entries: $36 + 50 USD (Stamp fee) = 86 USD. (Multiple entries with 3-month-stay)

6-12 months with tourist and business visa now only applicable to U.S citizens ( Only US passport holder, unable to Green card)

Important notice (To US Passport holder): Duration of stay does not exceed 90days for each entry, until the expiry date of your 6 months or 1 year Tourist Visa (DL).

Service fee needs paying in full in advance to process the visa approval letter in 1 working day (urgent service) or 2 working days (normal service) and 1-2 working hours (super urgent service).

(Landing Visa) duty fee at Custom upon arrival

Stamping fee is the fee you pay directly to Immigration Officers in cash (at Immigration Desk/landing visa Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam to have visa stamped onto your passport. The fee is collected by Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method. The Stamping fee can be paid in USD or VND, etc. but USD is highly recommended to avoid any unexpected unbalanced exchange rates applied at the airport. See table above for details.

How to get electronic visa to Vietnam (evisa)

Apply online here for your evisa to enter by all internation airports-land crossing or seaports in Vietnam. 

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Official site of Vietnam eVisa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Official site of Vietnam eVisa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Official site of Vietnam eVisa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival
Official site of Vietnam eVisa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival